Live Cooking Program
with David Gunzenhauser and Sandra Ghazazian

Sunday, August 30 
11AM-12 NOON Eastern Time (US); 5-6PM Central European Time

Make Delicious Sauces with David and Sandy

Work online with David and Sandy to make a variety of plant-based sauces! 

They will lead us as we make sauces together, a quick and easy way to top a wide range of dishes. We will try our sauces this coming Sunday on falafel!

Join David and Sandy from your kitchen for an exciting hour with the ingredients they will list for you after you register. Then the fun will begin and you will have several beautiful sauces in your fridge as a reward! 

So join David and Sandy on Sunday, August 30, 2020, 11am-Noon Eastern Time (US)/5-6pm Central European Time, for an inspiring cooking session, or simply watch the recording at the time that suits you best! 

Click Here to Register!

David and Sandy

David was born in Laureldale, New Jersey, a small town without stop lights, stores, or even a police department. A late bloomer to postsecondary education, David has two overlapping degrees in Computer Science, one degree in English, and a Masters of Education.

Once finding his place in Information Technology, David’s career includes over twenty years in the pharmaceutical industry, with his last role in Basel, Switzerland as the Global Program Manager for Mergers and Acquisitions, leading efforts in IT. During this work, he started to shift how he looked at food, health, and medicine.

Moving to a plant-based diet in 2013 was when he realized that it was time for a change. David moved to Mallorca, Spain in 2016 with the idea of creating something different, a plant-based (vegan) bakery. “The bakery was always about building community, friendships, and a place where the delicious food would be secondary to beautiful conversations.”

Today, David lives in Inca, Mallorca, where he shares his time with Sandy, her son, their dog Reina, and six cats: Teaspoon, Yoko Dos, Suki Umi, Muffin, Suitcase and Mr. Fuji. 

Sandy was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, into a family that loved the tango and music in general, dance and fine arts, and in which there was a special appreciation for reading books from the family's library on psychology, nature and the great philosophers.

From an early age, she began to eat only plants and has become a firm believer in a whole food, plant-based eating lifestyle. She believes in the wisdom of nature and that all that comes from the Earth is good, healthy, alive, and can be medicinal and provide vital energy. Her leitmotif of life is "we are what we eat".

In the kitchen Sandy sees the beauty of plants, those intense colors, and senses aromas that touch the soul. She has found an extraordinary way to fuse art and good food with all the necessary nutrients, staying away from processed and refined ingredients. And she adds love to her food, lots of love. 

"Be kind to animals, to the planet, to yourself, and this energy of love will multiply and like a boomerang will come back to you."